Presidential ballots for Central and South transported to Buka

ALL Presidential ballots from Central and South Bougainville have already been transported to the North Region counting centre in Buka.

The ballot boxes were transported under tight police escort to the counting centre at the Hutjena secondary school just after midday today.

Vehicles carrying ballots from South Region left Buin early this morning for Arawa, where they then convoyed with vehicles carrying ballots from Central Region to Buka.

Commissioner keeps close eye on police tranporting ballots
Acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, Mr George Manu, keeping a close watch as policemen in Arawa load the presidential ballots into one of the vehicles for transportation to Buka.

Ballots from these two regions were supposed to have been airlifted to Buka by chopper however this did not eventuate as planned resulting in their transportation by road.

Counting for the presidential seat started on Saturday afternoon with ballots from North Region.

Meanwhile, counting of ballots for the presidential seat is still continuing.

After the first preference count number 14 this afternoon saw Dr John Momis deepening his lead with 21,432, followed by Ismael Toroama with 5298.

Trailing behind Mr Toroama is Sam Akoitai with 4722.

Nick Peniai is trailing fourth with 2807, followed by Sam Kauona with 2633, Rueben Siara with 1346 while Justin Pokata Kira now has 1045.

Simon Dumarinu is now on 447 while Peter Nerau is trailing with 372.