Presidential elimination process to start this evening

THE elimination process for the ABG presidential seat is set to commence this evening, says the Acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner Mr George Manu.

“The elimination process for the presidential seat is set to commence this evening. This follows the completion of the quality checks on the presidential ballots this afternoon,” said Mr Manu.

Mr Manu then explained the delay in the elimination process, saying it was very important to conduct a quality check before commencing the elimination process.

“Conducting a quality check is very important because we want to make sure that ballots contained in a candidate’s ballot box belonged to that particular candidate.

“A quality check is also conducted to ensure that the number of ballots inside a candidate’s ballot box corresponds to the results that each candidate should be having after the completion of the first preferential count.

The explanation by Mr Manu on the delay on the presidential elimination process now puts to rest concerns people had been raising regarding the non commencement of the exclusive process.

The quality check on the presidential count started at around midday yesterday following the completion of the primary counts till around 2pm today.

Apart from the presidential seat, quality checks on the North Bougainville former combatants seat is also complete, with the elimination process also set to commence this evening.

The elimination process for the North Bougainville women’s seat is expected to commence tomorrow as counters have yet to complete the quality check.