List of the Elected ABG Members

Below is the list of all the elected members of the Bougainville House of Representatives. In brackets is their status on whether they are new members or have defended their seats during the election.

ABG President
Dr Chief John Momis

Northern Region
Haku Constituency seat-Robert Chika Tulsa (New)
Halia Constituency seat-Patrick Nisira (Current)
Hagogohe Constituency seat-Robert Hamal Sawa (New)
Peit Constituency seat-Josephine Getsi (New)
Tonsu Constituency seat-Ezekiel Massat (New)
Tsitalato Constituency seat-Fidelis Semoso (New)
Selau Constituency seat-Joseph Watawi (New)
Suir Constituency seat-Luke Karaston (Current)
Mahari Constituency seat-John Tabinaman (Current)
Teua Constituency seat-Charles Kakapetai (New)
Taonita Teop Constituency seat-Raopos Apou Tepaia (New)
Taonita Tinputz Constituency seat-David Braun Vatavi (Current)
Nissan Constituency seat-Charry Napto Kiso (New)
Atolls Constituency seat-Raymond Jonathan Masono (New)
Regional Former Combatants seat-Ben Malatan Korus (New)
Regional Women’s seat-Francisca Semoso (New)

Central Region
Kokoda Constituency seat-Rodney Osioco (New)
Kongara Constituency seat-Dominic Itta (Current)
South Nasioi Constituency seat-Simon Dasiona (New)
North Nasioi Constituency seat-Nicholas Darku (Current)
Ioro Constituency seat-Michael Lapolela (New)
Eivo/Torau Constituency seat-Clarence Dency (New)
Terra Constituency seat-Robin Wilson (Current)
Rau Constituency seat-Thomas Keriri (Current)
Regional Former Combatants seat-Noah Doko (New)
Regional Women’s seat-Marcelline Kokiai (New)

South Region
Torokina Constituency seat-Steven Suako (Current)
Bolave Constituency seat-Dennis Alexman Lokonai (New)
Lato Constituency seat-Christopher Kena (New)
Baba Constituency seat-William Silamai (Current)
Motuna/Huyono/Tokunutui Constituency seat-Albert Punghau (Current)
Kopii Constituency seat-Philip Kuhena (Current)
Ramu Constituency seat-Thomas Pa’ataku (Current)
Makis Constituency seat-John Vianney Kepas (New)
Baubake Constituency seat-Jacob Tooke (New)
Lule Constituency seat-Joseph Kangki Nabuai (Current)
Konnou-Willie Louis Miriki Masiu (New)
Regional Former Combatants seat-Thomas Tarii (New)
Regional Women’s seat-Isabel Peta (New)