About OBEC

About OBEC

The Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner (OBEC) is a Constitutional Office established under the Constitution of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. It was established following a decision by the Bougainville Executive Council (BEC) in 2010 to establish Bougainville’s own electoral commission. However, this decision was not implemented until 2014 when BEC appointed Mr George Manu as the acting Electoral Commissioner. This appointment led to the eventual establishment of OBEC. The first elections to be facilitated by OBEC were the 2014 by-elections for Hagogohe, Peit, Taonita Tinputz, Kongara and Lule constituencies, and the 2015 ABG General Elections. Before that, the PNG Electoral Commission was responsible for the conduct of the 2005 and 2010 ABG General Elections as well as the 2008 ABG presidential by-election. OBEC is responsible for conducting ABG General Elections and Community Government elections in Bougainville.

OBEC Strategic Foundation

A. Vision
Our vision is to be an independent and competent electoral body striving to strengthen democracy in Bougainville through the adoption of transparent and inclusive electoral processes.

B. Mission Statement
To strengthen democracy and good governance in Bougainville by conducting regular and credible elections through collaborative partnerships, strengthening the integrity of the electoral system, and enhancing OBEC’s institutional capacity.

C. Guiding Principles
We will be guided by the following values and principles in carrying out the mandate of OBEC and performing our individual functions as officers and staff:

Independence and Impartiality.
We will administer and conduct elections in an independent manner. We will perform our functions in a politically neutral and impartial manner and treat all election participants equally and fairly, without giving advantage to any political tendency or interest group.

We will ensure the integrity of the electoral process by guaranteeing full control of the electoral process. Anyone who threatens the integrity of the electoral process through violation of election laws, rules and regulations will be dealt with effectively.

The way we organize and conduct elections will be done in an open and transparent manner. As long as it is reasonable, we will allow public scrutiny of the policies and actions of the Commission.

We will endeavor to have an accountable administration of elections at each stage of the process and institute mechanisms to ensure compliance with standards. We will require each and every participant of the electoral process, including the commission personnel, voters, political parties and candidates, to follow laws and regulations.

Given the cost of election administration, we will work hard to ensure that election funds and resources are used wisely and efficiently.

Service Orientation.
We recognize that our stakeholders expect quality service from us. We will continuously improve the conduct of elections to make it more inclusive and accessible to voters

As a young organization, we will continuously upgrade our skills and competencies, improve our morale and discipline and strives to act in a professional manner at all times.

OBEC Structure

OBEC is headed by an Electoral Commissioner, and is assisted by the Director for Election Management and five managers-Regulatory Framework and Training, Election Operations, Enrolment and Electoral Rolls, Information and Community Awareness, and Corporate Services. The current Commissioner, Mr Manu was appointed acting Commissioner in 2014 and has been acting on this post till the 1st of October 2017 when he was confirmed to the position, with his gazettement done on 29 September 2017. Mr Manu’s deputy is Desmond Tsianai, who is the Director for Election Management. The other senior managers of OBEC are Ian Job (Manager Election Operations), Winterford Toreas (Manager Information and Community Awareness), Isaac Eminoni (Manager Enrolment and Electoral Rolls), George Kenatsi (a/Manager Regulatory Framework and Training) and Jason Kauva (a/Manager Corporate Services). Each of these managers have a number of officers employed under their respective sections.

Contact Details
Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner
P. O. Box 322,
Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Phone: +675 973 9841
Email: support@obec.gov.pg