Candidates Order of Draw for the 2018 ABG By-Elections

THE three-days nominations period for the 2018 ABG By-Election, which opened on Monday this week, ended this afternoon with a total of 26 candidates contesting for the respective vacant constituency seats of Halia, Taonita Teop and Kongara in the Bougainville House of Representatives.

As of this afternoon, Halia constituency recorded the highest number of candidates with 17 contestants vying for their vacant constituency seat, followed by Taonita Teop with six while Kongara constituency recorded only three contestants.

Following the closure of the nomination period, the order of draw for the candidates was then conducted at the Bel Isi Park in Buka town, witnessed by the candidates, their supporters and the public.

The purpose of the draw is to determine the appearances of the respective candidates on the ballot paper for each constituency seat elections.

Below is the list of candidates for the respective constituency seats with their candidate numbers which they were awarded during the draw;

Halia Constituency

10. Bordger Semoso

11. Christopher Kabobo

12. Robert Somi Habitein

13. Ephraim Hakelo

14. Osmond Pesa Tohiana

15. Garhey Rikaha

16. Alphonse Ratsi

17. Desmond Nilkare

18. Barnabas Matanu

19. Barbara Tanne

20. Gordon Batek

21. Leo Soli

22. Mech Robin

23. Gerard Lesi

24. Joel Korus

25. Chan Kurangik Sagolo

26. William Kaluwin

Taonita Teop Constituency

10. Jarvin Tagasi

11. Leslie Sorou

12. Naphtali Pango

13. Micah Mose

14. Albert Toro

15. Joseph Pais

Kongara Constituency

10. Danny Muntaa

11. Rauaku Karoai

12. Steven Topesi