151018 Polling commences in the ABG By-Elections

POLLING for the 2018 ABG By-Elections commenced yesterday in the Halia, Taonita Teop and Kongara constituencies in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

According to Returning Officer Ian Job, polling had commenced as scheduled without any major issues being encountered.

Polling started yesterday in these three constituencies and that I am pleased to announce that there were no major issues encountered which could have affected the start of polling”, said Mr Job.

The only complain received from some voters in Halia was that there were some voters who could not locate their names on the electoral roll. Apart from that, there were no other complains received,” added Mr Job.

Mr Job said polling will continue today and he is positive that there will not be any problems encountered again.

According to the polling schedule, Team 1 for Halia constituency is currently conducting polling at Kotopan elementary school while Team 2 is at Banis primary school.

In the Taonita Teop constituency, Team 3 is at Kekesu, Team 4-Tahiva, Team 5-Torosure, Team 6-Kaskurus, Team 7-Rhema, Team 8-Hoakop and Team 9 is at Mara.

In the Kongara constituency, Team 10 is currently conducting polling at Sipuru, Team 11 is at Kuritawe, Team 12-Puangta, Team 13-Damaosi, Team 14-Dianari and Team 15 is at Daaru.

All polling activities in these three constituencies will end this Friday while counting commences on Monday next week.