251018 Manu commends people for observing peaceful elections

PEOPLE of Halia, Taonita Teop and Kongara constituencies in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville have been commended for observing peaceful elections within their respective constituencies.

This commendation was made by the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu when giving an update on the conduct of the 2018 ABG By-Elections.

“As the electoral commissioner of Bougainville, I want to thank all people in Halia, Taonita Teop and Kongara constituencies for making sure that our elections were peacefully conducted,” said Mr Manu.

“We did not experience any problems that could have jeopardized or prevented us from conducting the election. Your support had enabled us to successfully conduct and deliver the elections,” added Mr Manu.

Mr Manu also thanked all election officials as well as the police personnel and service providers for their valuable inputs.

“All your support and contribution had enabled us to deliver this election. As such, you all should also be commended for this.”

He also made mention of the work done by ward recorders from these constituencies for playing a pivotal role in updating the electoral roll that was used in the election.

“The ward recorders should also be thanked for their involvement in updating the names of eligible voters so they can then cast their votes in the election,” Mr Manu said.

According to Mr Manu, the only complaint received was that there were some voters that missed out on casting their votes due to their names not being on the electoral roll.

“People not having their names on the roll is the only issue that was raised by voters. In fact this issue is common in every election that we have conducted.

“However, this does not mean that we are not doing anything to address it. We will continue to make sure that we address this so that all eligible voters are given a chance to vote for candidate of their choice.

He further added that the Office of Bougainville Electoral Commissioner will continue to rely onall ward recorders in Bougainville to make sure that the electoral roll is properly updated and certified before the conduct of the next ABG elections.

151018 Polling commences in the ABG By-Elections

POLLING for the 2018 ABG By-Elections commenced yesterday in the Halia, Taonita Teop and Kongara constituencies in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

According to Returning Officer Ian Job, polling had commenced as scheduled without any major issues being encountered.

Polling started yesterday in these three constituencies and that I am pleased to announce that there were no major issues encountered which could have affected the start of polling”, said Mr Job.

The only complain received from some voters in Halia was that there were some voters who could not locate their names on the electoral roll. Apart from that, there were no other complains received,” added Mr Job.

Mr Job said polling will continue today and he is positive that there will not be any problems encountered again.

According to the polling schedule, Team 1 for Halia constituency is currently conducting polling at Kotopan elementary school while Team 2 is at Banis primary school.

In the Taonita Teop constituency, Team 3 is at Kekesu, Team 4-Tahiva, Team 5-Torosure, Team 6-Kaskurus, Team 7-Rhema, Team 8-Hoakop and Team 9 is at Mara.

In the Kongara constituency, Team 10 is currently conducting polling at Sipuru, Team 11 is at Kuritawe, Team 12-Puangta, Team 13-Damaosi, Team 14-Dianari and Team 15 is at Daaru.

All polling activities in these three constituencies will end this Friday while counting commences on Monday next week.

Why Should I Vote

There are many reasons why it is important that those people who are eligible to vote and that their names are registered on the Electoral Roll should exercise their democratic rights by voting for their preferred candidates during elections. Below are some important points to consider before taking part in the polling process;

(a) The candidate that wins should bring service and developments into the constituency;

(b) The candidate that wins should address the needs of the population within his/her constituency;

(c) The candidate that wins should not be a person that will only serve the interest of his/her cronies;

(d) The candidate that wins should lead his/her people in the next five years;

These are some important points for voters to consider before taking part in elections.